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The aim of corporate communications is to ensure that the company can live up to its purpose - that it can get its plans into action and succeed with the right goals - by ensuring that the company is having ongoing conversations with the company's stakeholders through a multitude of direct and indirect channels. It requires ability to listen to and understand the important conversations about the company that is out there. And it requires the ability to respond fast and professionally when the conversations change. ADMC has a range of tools and talent to ensure that we can advise on how to build and sustain a corporate communications function that enables all that.


Reputation has become the true currency for any company.


Reputation management goes beyond communications. In an always-on any company and management needs to devote time and resources to ensure that the company's reputation is managed and influenced in a positive way. This requires more than just communications. Reputation management includes managing risk and assessing coming business decisions for their reputation impact. It requires working with a large set of stakeholders surrounding the company - from industry associations to NGOs - to make sure that the perceived risks and knowledge levels are truly understood.


Corporate Positioning and Branding

Strategic advice, as well as implementation, around the company’s positioning in the local market

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